Inkjet Printing Systems » AddressRight DA80f

Speed and efficiency to enhance your mailing operations.
Designed for frequent mailers, the DA80f AddressRight envelope printer delivers optimum performance and dependability. Printing up to 22,000 mail pieces per hour, the DA80f can print addresses, barcodes and customised messages in one pass

The DA80f is the workhouse of address printers. While focused on productivity and performance, this system offers spot colour as well as extensive fonts & graphics to make your mail piece as creative as you want it to be.

Its three fixed print heads deliver crisp, precise, direct-to-envelope imaging, creating a professional mail piece that makes an impact.

Including the DA80f in your mail operation can increase profitability through operational efficiencies and increased response rates.

Use the DA80f with our mail management software solution, Flexmail®, to help you cleanse your address list, ensure delivery to your target customer and take advantage of postal discounts from Royal Mail.


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Last updated Fri 10th Apr, 2015 by Tecnico Solutions.