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The ALE Codex Software Suite is a fully-featured solution for image design, database, traceability and monitoring requirements. All Codex Suite functions are free to download from the ALE website and include a “simulation mode” to evaluate the ALE products without making a purchase. With the addition of an ALE Dongle (USB key), label designs made by anyone in your organisation will download to any ALE printer, via Ethernet, RS232, USB and USB memory stick (depending on printer model).

Codex Image Design
Easy-to-use image design software for ink jet printers, and an industry leading software for more than 15 years. Codex is free to download for design use. Full, unrestricted labels can be quickly designed and tested free of charge in simulation mode without the purchase of an actual ALE printer.

• Does not require a high performance computer.
• Installed in 2 minutes and few clicks.
• Text fixed or variable / real time data / logos / any type of barcode 1D / 2D

Download evaluation version of Codex here Open link in new window

RiX Traceability
Know exactly what your printers are doing!

Monitor or control multiple independent or grouped printers. RiX permits up to 16 printers to be loaded from one PC with:

• Codex image files
• Text from database
• Batch codes

As well as controlling printers, RiX can monitor printers – leaving the line operator in charge, but registering what is being printed, and when.

RiX provides reports of volumes, lines, times and batch codes for recording as Traceability data. As with other Codex Suite products, RiX can be evaluated free of charge and comes set with a number of example applications for your tests.

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