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The 2009 CHIP – Chemicals Hazard Information and Packing for Supply – regulation is well known and uses the (now obsolete) Orange and Black symbols.

The new symbols are Red and Black diamonds. The CLP regulation concerning these symbols applies in full from 1 June 2015. CLP is part of GHS, the Global Harmonisation System.

The TC-TWIN Series printers are ready to meet the demands of the new regulations. Ready to print red + black on porous and non porous packaging.

The TC-TWIN is driven by ALE's high definition Master Series controller and is fully supported by Codex image design software.

Key Features:

Why consider TC-TWIN?

Ink-jet printing offers cost reductions of up to 80% compared to the cost per label of print & apply thermal transfer.

Ink-jet can print directly on to porous and non-porous packaging and include real-time data, counters, batch and logistics data in text fields and inside barcodes.

Ink-jet is a uniquely flexible solution and the TC-TWIN is ready to be that solution.

TC-TWIN Print-Heads. Two colours. 54mm to 144mm print-height. Designed for GHS/CLP – Symbol library included.

The TC-TWIN printer can print directly from any Windows™ software including Office, OpenOffice, Photoshop in two colours, and ALE’s own image-design software.

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