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Camera Matching for Mailroom Applications

At Tecnico we can offer a number of camera equipment solutions for product matching applications.

Using camera matching systems in direct mail allows you to physically match two or more items in a mail pack at different stages of the inserting process.

Using cameras or scanners Tecnico can integrate camera matching systems into your existing mailing machinery in particular envelope enclosing and poly wrap systems.

With the ability to read OMR, 1D barcodes, 2D Datamatrix and OCR fonts our camera matching systems will read individual documents and identify them as being part of a group of documents for the same addressee. By automating this process it eliminates the risk of human or mechanical error and improves throughput.

Tecnico camera matching systems provide the added benefit of sequence control allowing the user to track and log mail pieces in sequential format providing even further integrity to the mailing process.

File based functionality means the system can match individual mail pieces to a pre-loaded data file.

Additionally our camera matching systems have the ability to provide detailed read reports for output verification.

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