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HSA Systems provides customer-adapted solutions that easily can be changed to other languages or individual market requirements.

HSA offers solutions for coding, marking, addressing as well as web, format and page print.

Our printing systems print 1D/2D-Barcodes, text and graphics in high quality on many materials. You can quickly create variable data such as real-time, current date, shelf life-dates, sequential numbering, etc.

HSA Systems supplies inkjet equipment for OEM applications, as well as complete and adequate printing solutions.

Mailing & Postal
HSA Systems develops and manufactures industrial application solutions, including high-quality inkjet technology and customized solutions for integration.

We deliver solutions that cover most needs for the professional addressing and post applications, as well as the printing industry.

The core products of HSA Systems are high quality printers.
To complete the product range we offer other products, such as transport bases, conveyors, feeders etc.

Complete Addressing system:

Security Printing
HSA Systems manufactures integration kits as well as end-to-end solutions for the Security Printing Industry.

An example of end-to-end Security Document printing solution is completing a document to be used for PIN-codes to be mailed by post to e.g. credit card receivers.

Equipped with camera the information is picked as a unique set of data - printed - and then verified.

Multifunctional security documents with the following features:

Multifunctional security documents with the following features:

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